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First of all we should start by explaining that a bet is live. A live bet bet is that the user makes during the course of the sporting event, i.e. instantly interacting with the event being able to know how it is building and, therefore, may act accordingly.

All sporting events, whatever, have a chat that lets you interact with other users, give advice, information, talk about fees, etc.. This medium is undoubtedly the most used by users priori and should be helpful, but as elsewhere are always people determined to cheat, or recommend simulate bad quota goals. Yet it is a helpful tool if used correctly and certainly serves to have a fun time with other people.

After entering the world of live we will try to give some advice or recommendations in order to facilitate or at least help those undecided decide. Do not bet on sports events or unknown: this is the first advice I give you anywhere, and I gave above, but here if anything is more important. Bet blindly on a live event is almost certain loss, even if you never see him not trust easily, you have everything to lose.

Less than 1.10 a share is a huge risk in case of live betting. Always face looks and seems impossible otherwise occur but often happens. Imagine that apostasies one euro and you fail. In order to recover you should hit 10 events this value to retrieve a previous error only. Crazy, and it is likely that during the road instead of the euro recover you lost another one and so on. Obviously there are exceptions but generally is very unreliable.

Search for challenging situations favorite can happen, and in fact often happens that an event begins with a clear favorite for the team dominated destined to lose. At that time the favorite share possibly reach its highest point is where we must go.

Obviously there is a risk that date back, but there are real possibilities and profits are juicy. To cite an example, last Sunday Fuentes lost 2-1 in the 2nd part in the field of Parma and at the time the draw is paid 7 euros, you know what was the result? indeed 2-2.