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Therefore, to my taste is the perfect combination of two elements that raise the fee skimming 4 and with 1 hit of 3 succulent would obtain benefits, in particular I love to combine two handicaps or two overs that are always hanging around those figures.

Ignoring this type of combination, there are many valid types and to let us benefits, but we must avoid certain defects not lead us to anything good:

Do not bet combined as a tool to increase profits quickly and without risk, the risk is always present, and when you combine several elements and the minimum fee is not worth it. So do not recommend combining more than two or three elements, in each case, two bankers and a main stake but never again. Minimum fee 2 but not worth it, do not run the risk of betting a large percentage of our bankroll a combined theoretically easy.

Do not use bankers of sporting events that have no exalted knowledge, there may be last minute changes or news that alter the supposed reliability of that bet Basically these 'ticks' you have to avoid them, even so, I would not recommend either combined cases, by something called'' the source of money from bookies''.

 The reason which is my favorite set is because on one hand spending is small (4 bets) plus four events is a number quite affordable if well selected and interesting looking and gives shares substantial profits. He earns much more than the 2/3 and one more game if selected it does not increase too much risk. I wanted to discuss it apart because it is my preferred system, the most use.

Only 4 betting are needed to play (i.e., a minimum of 2 euros if we bet 0.50) and as the name suggests includes 4 games or events. Here in three installments instead of having two games in the 2/3 we have are four installments of 3 matches, so if we hit only three of the four events get earn or regain some of the losses due to the share of the three hits in question.